Besides gaining reputation with your questions and answers, you receive badges for being especially helpful. Badges appear on your profile page, flair, and your posts.

Question Badges

First bounty you manually awarded on another person's question
45 awarded
First bounty you manually awarded on your own question
66 awarded
Asked a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintained a positive question record
413 awarded
First bounty you offered on another person's question
57 awarded
Question score of 10 or more
3.4k awarded
Asked a question with 1,000 views
3.1k awarded
First bounty you offered on your own question
81 awarded
Asked a question and accepted an answer
2.1k awarded
Asked first question with score of 1 or more
3.1k awarded
Asked a question with zero score, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week
5 awarded

Answer Badges

Edited and answered 1 question (both actions within 12 hours, answer score > 0)
125 awarded
Answer score of 10 or more
6.5k awarded
Answered more than 30 days later as first answer scoring 2 or more
114 awarded
Answered your own question with score of 3 or more
169 awarded
Answered first question with score of 1 or more
3.1k awarded

Participation Badges

Completed "About Me" section of user profile
5.2k awarded
Visited an election during any phase of an active election and had enough reputation to cast a vote
568 awarded
Left 10 comments
875 awarded
Earned at least 200 reputation (the daily maximum) in a single day
181 awarded
Followed the Area 51 proposal for this site before it entered the commitment phase
43 awarded
One post with score of 2 on meta
333 awarded
Posted 10 messages, with 1 or more starred, in chat
173 awarded

Tag Badges

You must have a total score of 100 in at least 20 non-community wiki answers to achieve this badge.
254 awarded

Moderation Badges

First flagged post
447 awarded
First rollback
77 awarded
First down vote
860 awarded
Completed at least one review task. This badge is awarded once per review type
761 awarded
Deleted own post with score of 3 or higher
54 awarded
First edit
2.3k awarded
Edited first post that was inactive for 6 months
177 awarded
First retag
301 awarded
Deleted own post with score of -3 or lower
152 awarded
Approved or rejected 100 suggested edits
13 awarded
Used 30 votes in a day
134 awarded
First up vote
4.6k awarded
First approved tag synonym
15 awarded
First tag wiki edit
151 awarded
Used the maximum 40 votes in a day
64 awarded

Other Badges

Visited every section of the FAQ (retired)
204 awarded
Shared a link to a question that was visited by 25 unique IP addresses
109 awarded
Read the entire tour page
1.1k awarded