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The players in my Greyhawk campaign are about to enter the Bright Desert, and I'd like to use some desert-specific random encounter tables — does anyone have anything suitable? Edition is irrelevant, since I can always convert. Game system is also pretty irrelevant although I probably want fantasy tables.

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Doesn't get more detailed than this. Necromancer Games Mother of all encounter tables.

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I like this one, that I use on occasion: ‎Jreyst's desert terrain random encounter table.

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Hey, that's really excellent. – Bryant Aug 19 '10 at 19:59

The AD&D 1st edition Monster Manual II contains an extensive appendix of random encounter tables by terrain.

Being the last-published monster book for AD&D 1e, it includes every book-published AD&D monster in its tables. Also, because of the close ties between AD&D and Greyhawk, these tables should suit the Bright Desert particularly well.

Copies in used condition can be had for about $15 to $20 online.

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As mentioned by Bryant in a comment: is pretty good too.

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