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An old D&D 4e trick is to use forced movement to zig-zag your opponent through a wall effect multiple times for multiple hits. As I understand it, the Wall of Fire power specifically has been errata'd to allow only one hit per turn.

Can you, in general, still zig-zag someone through a wall for multiple hits? Additionally, are there any powers left which will actually allow this?

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By the spirit of the arcanist playtest, no. Formally, yes, depending on power text.

While this answer covers wall of fire specifically, the intent as stated was to reduce forced movement abuse. However, given that the PHB FAQ hasn't been updated nor has the compendium been updated with any formal errata... ask your DM. This is clearly a situation where they're gradually migrating zone damage away from forced movement cheese, but haven't released formal errata to cover it.

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