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Are there any DnD 3.5 adventures that revolve around the illithid? Google hasn't returned anything useful... They're one of my favorite monsters and I'm trying to get a feel them.


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Worth noting are the Mindflayers of Thoon. Not a module (what I'm referring to at least - one probably exists) but there are enough baddies in the pile to make one easily. Monster Manual Five, I believe it is. – LitheOhm Sep 18 '12 at 5:07

The best illithid source is probably from 2e, there is an entire mind flayer sourcebook called the Illithiad with a linked series of three "Monstrous Arcana" adventures published to use with it - A Darkness Gathering, Masters of Eternal Night, and Dawn of the Overmind.

In 3.5e there is an aberration sourcebook called Lords of Madness with a large chapter on the illithids. It has a small adventure in that chapter IIRC.

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There is a 3.0 module called the Speaker in Dreams which includes an illithid foe, but he's sort of a renegade and there aren't any others in the module as I recall. I'm not aware of any 3.5 modules that focus on them, however. Every module that we played other than Speaker in Dreams during our 3/3.5 time was from converted 2nd edition modules.

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Was taught on that one, it was awesome. Became tradition even to initiate new players. +1 – LitheOhm Sep 18 '12 at 5:06

There's a great 3.5E short adventure called Teleport Gone Awry in Dungeon #153. Basically a hook for what happens when adventurers fail a teleport roll and end up in an underground Illithids' model of the city they meant to 'port to. Could be a great intro to the brain eaters.

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