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In the early adventure, Siege of Borodin's Watch I found this curious statement:

If the militants are bloodied, they shift back and spend their second wind, jumping back into the thick of battle at the start of their next turn.

Do monsters get a second wind? Have they ever?

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Monsters do not normally get a Second Wind.

From Second Wind:

Unless otherwise noted in the statistics block of a monster or a nonplayer character, this action is available only to player characters.

However they do have Healing Surges, they just lack an easy way to use them during combat.

From Healing Surge:

Monsters and NPCs: As a general rule, monsters and nonplayer characters have a number of healing surges based on their tier:

  • one healing surge at the heroic tier (1st–10th levels)
  • two healing surges at the paragon tier (11th–20th levels)
  • three healing surges at the epic tier (21st–30th levels).
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That's what I thought. Nice quoting :) – Brian Ballsun-Stanton Oct 21 '11 at 20:23

4E monsters, by default, have healing surges depending on their tier, but no way to access them in combat (unless they have a friendly Leader heal them, or use a potion of healing).

But specific beats general, and if the monster's description says it has a second wind, it does.

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