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I was a fan of the Heavy Gear RPG series and followed it from 1st edition to 3rd edition. Dream Pod 9 pretty much ceased production of new books and focused on the skirmish system and miniatures line. There was mention of Steve Jackson Games producing a 4th edition but according to the Steve Jackson Games 2011 Stakeholders Report nothing ever happened and DP9 asked for the rights back. What is the current status of the game? Is a 4th edition even planned currently?

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In an interview at Robot Viking, Robert Dubois stated:

Work has started on the new Heavy Gear RPG edition and it should be released in late 2011. The ruleset will have the second edition rules as the starting point and will be compatible with Heavy Gear Blitz when it’s released.

They have a lot of good information in that review; if you're interested in Dream Pod 9, it's a good read.

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I'd love to see if there is any followup. – mirv120 Nov 30 '11 at 22:21

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