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I'm trying to develop a plot were a cult leader is trying to become a lich. Do any of the currently published D&D 4e books provide any canon for this?

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Open Grave is your best reference. It doesn't contain any mechanics related to becoming a lich, but the first chapter includes a section on how undead are created. It's also got rules for grafting undead parts onto yourself, which might prove useful.

Revenge of the Giants features the legendary lich Acererak before he became a lich. You can gain some insight into the process there, although it's not worth buying the book just for that one bit.

The Dungeon Master's Guide includes a lich template on page 179. You'd probably want to apply this template to the cult leader if his or her plans succeeded.

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Open Grave fits the bill, and I read the section from Revenge of the Giants at the book store. (Sorry BAMM, I do by from you a lot though.) Thanks. – Präriewolf Aug 26 '10 at 17:37

Here's the Lich Transformation Ritual from the WotC compendium.

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Open Grave and the recently adapted Tomb of Horrors. There are a lot of story hooks dealing with undead and lichdom in both of them, and Tomb of Horrors in particular deals with the system's most famous demilich of all time.

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In D&D second edition, Enciclopaedia Magica has all the rules for the ritual to lichification. I guess also Van Richten's guide to the Lich might come in handy, if not for the rules, at least for fluff :)

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