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The sorcerer at-will attack Lightning Strike[DDI] (AP page 28) allows you to damage a secondary creature after hitting with the original attack.

For the purpose of the feat Focusing Spellfury[DDI] (AP page 127), does the damage inflicted upon another creature with Lightning Strike count as a "hit" so you would then get the bonus damage?

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To be a hit you need to roll the d20 and get above the target defense. Any ancillary effects like secondary damage from Lightning Strike do not count as hits for the purposes of Focusing Spellfury.

From the DDI definition of Hit:

If the attack roll is higher than or equal to the defense score, the attack hits and deals damage, has a special effect, or both.

If the hit gave a secondary attack, like Chaos Bolt, then that bonus damage could be applied assuming it met the other requirements of Focusing Spellfury.

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