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On page 336 of Heroes of the Fallen Lands it states that if a character tries to carry 20 times their strength score then they are slowed.

I know during combat being slowed means you can only move two squares. The question I have is how does being slowed affect overland movement?

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10 miles per day,
1 mile per hour,
100ft. per minute.

I'd point you the the answer to this question which extrapolates the 1 unit of speed = 5 miles per day ratio.

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I would say that it reduces your speed by the same proportion. If your base speed is 6 sqrs and your now moving 2sqrs then you're moving at 1/3 speed. Looking at this questions about What is the best way to determine Overland Speed in D&D4e? there are various methods:

  • Using Iszis you move at 10 mi/day or 1 MPH or 100 ft/min.
  • Using my method we still divide combat speed by 6, to get overland speed in Mi/day so your speed is going to be 2 sqrs/6 = 0.3 sqrs/round. That's because your 6 times slower when moving overland than in combat. To get it into mi/day then you multiply your combat speed by 2, giving you 4 Mi/day
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Surely using Iszi's figures would lead to a result of 10 miles a day (1 mph for 10 hours march). Those figures would also give 100 ft/min (which is the same as combat speed, given 2 squares/round, which is 10ft/round, and a round as six seconds). – Aether Jan 13 '12 at 10:31
Ah I'm getting confused with units and stuff. – Pureferret Jan 13 '12 at 10:55

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