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I'm looking for updated (2070) background information about the ADL (Alianz Deutscher Länder, aka whats left of former Germany and its surroundings), I think it's called AGS (Allied German States) in the English version.

I'm especially interested in Hamburg and the Meta-Human states. Everything from official sourcebooks to supplements and unofficial info (fan made) would be interesting, even recent Novells or stories.

I'm trying to prepare for a smuggler setting, with lot's of north sea pirating and land runs all over the AGS (the setting is kinda vehicle and anti-surveillance equipment heavy and focuses more on contraband handling than classic shadowrunning). I'm looking primarily for informations about locations, places and neighborhoods and everything else that helps creating a surrounding for the harbors, trade post and smuggling routes.

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Comments purged. Question is fine; if it was too broad it would have a lot more answers wouldn't it? – mxyzplk Jan 17 '12 at 16:40
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Here's what I found so far:

Setting Sourcebooks

  • AGS: There is Deutschland in den Schatten (the translated version called Germany Sourcebook), which is really great but timeline wise around SR2 (2053). It got a wealth of information, the only bad thing is that it is mostly outdated.

  • AGS: Brennpunkt: ADL complement Deutschland in den Schatten with background info about politics, lifestyle, sport and the like. Also details about police, military and magic in the AGS. Setting wise the time line gets updated to SR3 (2063). I haven't read it so far, but the critics are favourable. Sadly there's no info about neighborhoods, locations and the like.

  • AGS: I also found a chapter on the AGS in Sixth World Almanac, which seems to me to be the most recent source of info, but it isn't that detailed, more of an overview.

  • AGS - Hamburg: And a little bit more on Hamburg in Runner Havens, which seems to be a quick summary of the Hamburg part in the german Schattenstädte.

  • AGS - Hamburg: There also is the above mentioned Schattenstädte from the german publisher Pegasus. Which has a lot more detailed info about Hamburg (along with other info from Runners Havens). Good stuff but not that detailed as Germany Sourcebook.

  • AGS - Frankfurt: The german translation of Corporate Enclaves, called Konzenenklaven, contains information about the 'Groß-Frankfurt' sprawl and stuff impotant to it, like 'AG Chemie', the 'Sternschutz' and more.

  • AGS - Rhein/Ruhr: Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex got information on the huge Rhein-Ruhr sprawl, from Pegasus.

  • AGS - Berlin: Pegasus also released a source book about Berlin called Berlin.

  • AGS - München: München Noir, also from Pegasus, a source book about Munich.

  • AGS - SOX: Lots of information about the SOX a contaminated area between germany and france, Pegasus again.

  • AGS - Corporations: The german version of Corporate Guide called Konzerndossier contains additional information about corporations in the AGS.

It seems that there will be no SR4 version of a AGS sourcebook. Instead Pegasus adds information on the AGS to the sourcebooks they translate.

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For now I only got the information on the german versions published by Heyne (1991-2006 1-65, and some collections later on), FanPro (since 1997) and Phönix.

Note: I havn't read all of them, so the information on setting and timeline is mostly from the book summaries or reviews. If you got information about those, please add.



  • 10: Das zerrissene Land (Deutschland in den Schatten - 1)
  • 11: Die Augen des Riggers (Deutschland in den Schatten - 2)
  • 12: Die Graue Eminenz (Deutschland in den Schatten - 3)


  • 45: TAKC 3000 (Schattenjäger - 1)
  • 46: Nachtstreife
  • 47: Gottes Engel (Schattenjäger - 2)
  • 48: Aeternitas (Schattenjäger - 3)
  • 49: Auf dem Sprung(Nordlichter - 1)
  • 50: Töne der Unendlichkeit (Nordlichter - 2)
  • 51: Sturmvogel (Schattenläufer - 1)
  • 52: Elementares Wissen (Nordlichter - 3)
  • 53: 05:58 (Schattenläufer - 2)
  • 54: Jede Wette (Schattenläufer - 3)
  • 56: Altes Eisen
  • 61: Flynns Weg


  • 63: Matrixfeuer (collection of shortstories)
  • 65: Im Namen des Herrn
  • 69: Feuerzauber
  • 70: Im Fadenkreuz
  • 76: Böses Erwachen
  • 77: Der Schattenlehrling
  • 82: Digitaler Alptraum
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Out of curiosity, why didn't you append this to your previous answer? – AceCalhoon Jan 20 '12 at 16:22
Thought it would be easier for people to edit and add information to it. – Brutus Jan 23 '12 at 8:40
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