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I have had some people express interest in recreating the Tzimisce in my VtR game. I have far more experience with nWoD then old, and I have found no rules that attempt to tackle fleshcrafting, although the option seems to be possible.

Does anyone have a conversion of Fleshcrafting from oWoD to nWoD?

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You can find an nWoD conversion of Vicissitude in the Vampire Translation Guide, and there's a bloodline called the Carnival in Bloodlines: The Legendary that has a flesh-warping Discipline called The Show.

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In the Mekhet clanbook, there is a bloodline called the Norvegi that uses a discipline called Bloodworking. It's not the same thing, but it shares some aspects and is better suited to the nWoD, imo.

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Try looking into the Centimani in Promethean. They are not vampires, but they have some pretty cool ability to transform themselves using Flux. A Centimani would also have the ability to turn corpses into Pandorans, which can be all sorts of weird and inhuman. One of the creep factors I felt about the Tzimisce and their fleshcrafting was their ability to do it to other things. I haven't found that with the new vampire alternatives.

Of course if they're looking to play a Tzimisce rather than have them as villains... this may not be the best route.

From Mortal Remains p20


Within the already small subset of beings called Prometheans is an even less numerous category — the Centimani. These so-called Freaks revel in their inhuman appearances and attitude, and reshape their bodies in terrifying ways. Many have additional body parts — a second set of arms jutting out from the rib cage, an eyeball in the center of a palm, a face sprouting from the belly or back. Centimani can sometimes change shape, turning into a puddle of mobile blood or a horrific, canine-esque monster.

Other Prometheans seem to fear these creatures. They do not follow the Pilgrimage — they have no regard for human beings and have no desire to become one. They often travel with broods of monsters, hideous, misshapen things that feed on the flesh of other Prometheans. What, if anything, the Centimani have in common with each other, and what their overriding goals are remain a mystery to the compacts and conspiracies. Whatever the truth, these monsters are the Created without even the veneer of humanity. This makes them easier to identify, but by no means easier to kill.

The best resource on them will be Pandora's Book

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