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So, the question came up during the making of a swordsage, and the need to check if the maneuvers chosen can actually be acquired due to prerequisites.

Is there anything, in pdf or online form, that has the maneuvers organised in a reasonable way, one that does not give you headaches for just trying to find a meneuver? I have the book and the maneuver cards, but they are still somehow troublesome to the brain.

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Check the Tome of Battle For Dummies handbook provides:

  • A list of maneuvers organized by prereqs and level.
  • A list of choice maneuvers
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This saved me from a ****load of scrolling up and down, up and down. Thanks. – Khaal Feb 19 '12 at 0:22
The first link is down - unfortunately! – Giorin Jul 22 at 11:43

This Unofficial Tome of Battle Tools page contains a search engine for all maneuvers in the Tome of Battle. "Number of prerequisites" is one of the possible filters. Full maneuver texts are accessible.

It also contains indexes by alphabetical order, discipline and maneuver level.

Disclosure: I wrote the website.

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