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So I recently saw a couple copies of ST1: Up the Garden Path become available through a used game store I frequent. This lead me to wondering what exactly was it's plot? As an aside has anyone ever reviewed the module? (Links appreciated naturally!)

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It's fairly rare; here's the only informative thing I found with a quick search:

You may just be out of luck when it comes to getting more detail, due to its rarity. A copy in good condition sold for $2000.

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I'd seen this, the summary is frustratingly vague! One would think for a 16 page adventure that there would be a little more info available. I guess maybe it's doomed to be collected and never read/played. – mirv120 Feb 21 '12 at 20:55

Apparently my Googling skills need refining as with a little bit more research I found this: More On ST1 Up The Garden Path

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