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So I have a Force wizard character I'm making for a Star Wars Saga Edition game, who has specialised in the Use the Force skill. There are various ways to use the Use the Force skill in place of other skills or rolls. For instance, Force Perception talent lets you substitute your UtF skill for perception.

How can I make full use of this skill, and use it as my 'crutch' to help out in replacing skills/combat rolls?

(N.B I don't mean to say I want to roll the skill as it is, but I want to substitute rolls for a UtF roll)

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Looking at the Talent Summary, there are a preposterous number of items that involve "use the force."

Here are the ones I consider most cheesy:

  • Adept Negotiator -> Force Persuasion: replaces persuasion, can pacify people by rolling it
  • Consular's Vitality some healing at the expense of a penalty to use the force
  • Far Seeing-> "watchCircle Initiate" and its tree: replace farseeing with use the force, add force points to allies, UtF versus will to reroll ally missed attack, and boost to reflex
  • Force intuition: UtF instead of initiative. Cause that's balanced.
  • Clear mind -> : avoid detection via UtF, greater levels provide party invisibility
  • Block: Blocks melee using UtF
  • Deflect: Deflects ranged using UtF
  • Shii-Cho: penalty to blocking/deflecting only -2
  • Soresu: get UtF reroll
  • Illusion tree: Does what it says on the tin.
  • Move Massive Objcet: throw huge things with UtF

Here are the UtF "replace" skill talents:

  • Will to resist: UtF -> Will
  • Force Perception: UtF -> Perception
  • Instinctive Navigation: UtF -> Use Computer (for astrogation)
  • Charm Beast: UtF -> Persuasion for animals
  • Force Treatment: UtF -> Treat Injury. Medpacks are for sissies.
  • Insight of the Force: UtF -> Knowledge
  • Force Deception: UtF -> Deception
  • Folded Space Mastery: UtF to shove an object through hyperspace without a hyperdrive.
  • White Current Adept: UtF -> Stealth

From here:

> Fluidity (shapers of kro var talent) - acrobatics Force Deception (sith talent) - deception Force Intuition (jedi talent) - initiative
> Force Perception (sense talent) - perception Force Persuasion (jedi
> talent, pre-req adept negotiator) - persuasion Force Pilot (sense
> talent) - pilot Force Treatment (jedi knight or force adept talent) -
> treat injury Insight of the Force (jedi knight talent) - knowledges
> Instinctive Navigation (sense talent, pre-req force pilot) - use
> computer for astrogation White Current Adept (white current adept
> talent) - stealth

Short version: There exist more talents than you can take. What kind of specialization are you interested in?

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My Force Wizard is a generalist...so nothing really. I've still yet to find out what we're missing in the team. So this is still an excellent answer. –  Pureferret Mar 7 '12 at 16:01

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