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Is there an official sourcebook for the new World of Darkness (not any of the core rulebooks) that elaborates on how humanity remains / is kept ignorant of all the supernatural phenomena that surrounds it? (How is the general "Masquerade" -- not just that of the Vampires' -- held up?)

If not, is there any widely accepted and recommended unofficial material? (Perhaps some "actual play" thread that concerns itself primarily with this aspect of the nWoD?)

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Thought it mentioned in the core book how humanity remain oblivious. –  mirv120 Feb 23 '12 at 14:23
Yeah, all of the core books deal with this. But I find the reasoning... lacking somewhat. Hence the question (and hence the not any of the core rulebooks part. ;)) –  OpaCitiZen Feb 23 '12 at 15:47

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Your best bet for sourcebooks is to look at those from the core World of Darkness line. Two that address the issue most directly are Tales from the 13th Precinct (which covers things from a police perspective) and, surprisingly, World of Darkness: Innocents (which offers a great view of the average person in the WoD through the eyes of their kids).

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Humanity doesn't notice because, in general, it doesn't want to. Each race has a reason to preserve its own secrecy, and generally the tools to do so. Between Vampires being immune to being caught on tape/photographs, werewolves causing lunacy, and the Guardians of the Vale coming in to clean things up, humanity doesn't stand much of a chance.

I do not think there're specific rules for it, but I know the core books theme is all about regular humans peeking beneath the surface, and what happens to them. Likewise, Innocence is about children that don't realize these things don't exist yet.

Why and how humans remain ignorant matters greatly to the style and theme of your game. The idea of nWod is that there is secrets, many of which people refuse, or are too busy, to acknowledge.

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Generally if I need a MIB to come in and clean things up, the Guardians of the Vale is an excellent choice, or some Hunter group. –  Pyrodante Feb 23 '12 at 18:45


There isn't a specific book that covers how all the various supernatural things remain hidden from the mass of humanity.

As noted in the question each of the main lines explain how their given type remains hidden from mortals and these reasons vary.

The widely accepted (and possibly stated in the core rules?) explanation is that humanity remains ignorant via something like an universal subconscious effort to ignore the weirdness. Werewolves, vampires, mages, etc don't fit into our mental understanding of the universe and it's just easy to dismiss them rather then explain them and realize just how truly scary the world is.

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