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The first question is self-explanatory, and if the answer is yes, is Mountain Hammer and it's upgrades usable on such items without counting as sunder attempts? If not, can they be used instead of an attack in a sunder attampt?

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Not every attack you make against a weapon/shield is a sunder attempt, for the same reason that not every attack you make after moving 10' or more in a straight line is a charge. A sunder attempt has a lot of rules (attack of opportunity, opposed rolls, etc) that a normal attack doesn't.

In fact, many attacks that don't pass AC are actually striking a shield/armor, and they won't have a chance to sunder them. It's an abstraction thing.

Now, the answer for "can I do a special attack as a sunder attempt" is more open to debate, and will almost always have to be at the DM's discretion.

As for Mountain Hammer in particular, it says "Target: One creature or unattended object", which would show that they specifically singled out "attended object" of the maneuver scope, so it seems RAI is "No, you cant", but again, DM's call.

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Thanks for the second part about the Mountain hammer. About the first question though, probably due to my bad wording, you got it wrong. I am asking if you can target and attack a weapon or shield without it being a sunder attempt. It is a rather retarded question, but many hours of wakefulness do that to me. – Khaal Mar 4 '12 at 2:37
@Khaal d&d 3.X usually discourages "aiming" your attacks (no called shots, for example) so targeting their weapon or shield would be just as discouraged. Even without that, unless you want to hit the weapon without causing it damage (dunno why you'd want that, except maybe dramatic effect) it HAS to be a sunder; otherwise making a sunder attack wouldn't make any sense, since it's just like an attack but worse (you have to take an AoO or waste a feat, you have to win an opposed roll, etc). – Yandros Mar 4 '12 at 2:44
Yes, i saw your point after reading your answer or posting the question, my bad. – Khaal Mar 4 '12 at 2:57

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