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What are the rules for occupying the same square as an enemy while tiny? There are provisions to occupy the same square for allies, and a feat that enhances it (here) and a 11th level pixie feat that alludes to movement into enemy spaces (here):

Flitting Harrier Prerequisite: 11th level, pixie Benefit: When you enter or leave an enemy’s space, you do not provoke an opportunity attack from that enemy.

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Tiny creatures can enter any larger creature's space.

Rules Compendium p201 (not in DDI, that I could see):

Tiny: Four individual Tiny creatures can fit in a square, and a Tiny creature can enter a larger creature's space and end its turn there.

Incidentally, the definition of adjacent includes creatures in the same square as you so a Tiny creature leaving your square would normally generate an Opportunity Attack.

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