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I'm also kinda new, but I understand the idea of a RPG and its basic rules.

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Welcome to RPG.SE. I'm sorry to tell you that this question is a very poor fit for this particular format. Have a look at our FAQ when you get some time. Please remember that system recommendation questions should be very detailed, if they are asked at all. –  wax eagle Apr 3 '12 at 11:55
There's too much vagueness here to keep this question open. Please see our faq on system recommendation questions for some possible guidance. Also, check out the new-players tag, there are several questions which might help you get started there. –  Pat Ludwig Apr 3 '12 at 12:28
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I think it depends on your group. If you're a bunch of nerd-boys used to playing weekend-long computer games online, then your needs will be different to a group of guys who are bored of playing poker and getting drunk.

In the first case, you'd want a complicated game you can obsess about, in the latter you want something that's accessible and fun.

So, I'd recommend Paranoia for the latter group - pick it up, read the rules, have a laugh, play a few short games.

In the latter, probably one of the DnDs or Gurps. Pick up the rulebooks, read them through, take a long time setting up characters and scenarios, play with as much detail as you like.

If you'd care to expand your question, I'm sure you'll get better answers than this one.

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Paranoia is a poor initial RPG because it's a parody of most RPG tropes, like teamwork, knowledge of the rules, and character death. –  okeefe Apr 3 '12 at 12:27
@okeefe Paranoia works fine with rank newbs... so long as they get the humor of the dark, oppressive setting. It's less a parody of gaming than, say, Tales from the Floating Vagabond or Macho Women With Guns, and far more a parody of Postholocaust literature and film. I've seen non-RPGers enjoy it as a first system at conventions... provided it is explained as to being a parody of both gaming and such classics (of film and literature) as 1984, Brazil, and THX-1138, and even, to a lesser extent, Logan's Run. –  aramis Apr 5 '12 at 8:58
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For most rpgs the companies responsible have short introductory adventures and/or simplified rulesets to allow you to get a feel for the game and the rules behind it. These allow you to try things out without spending money and commiting to a particular system, as everyone has different things they enjoy/need from a game. For example, Savage Worlds has a set of test-drive rules and a number of one sheet adventures that are freely downloadable from their website. Dungeons and Dragons 4e also has these. Googling other systems will find similar things.

It would be helpful if you were able to give a little more information about the group of players you are talking about. Do they have a favourite genre, what types of films/books do they enjoy? How many are there likely to be in the group? Pitching a game that ticks these off is likely to be more successful as they will naturally be interested in the story itself.

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It would be a RPG that they can connect with. Something that the players have an already good idea of what the world is and they can jump right in. This allow them to have an idea of what the world is like, how people react within it, and share the mythology of the world.

So, if they are they fans of horror literatures: try Call of Cthulhu. If they are fans of Lord of the Ring, try MERP. If they are fans of Star War, ... You get the idea. You could even look at specific tropes: Robin Hood, Conan, Beowulf, Serenity/Firefly, etc.... and use those as starting point.

So, to answer your question: what do you like? Look at picking a game that has a setting close to this one. Then, get and read the rule book. Get with some friends and start playing. If you are unsure how to get that done, you could always join your local RPG club and try some one offs -- adventures that take a few hours to run.

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