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Can you have a Magical Accurate Orb +1 ?

And what would it's attack plus be ?

The wizard has to take the Superior Implement Training feat [ddi] and select Orb as the implement. They can then buy the superior implement Accurate Orb from Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium p.40, and use the Accurate property for a +1 to implement attacks.

So could they then enchant it to a Magical Accurate Orb +1 with a total +2 to implement attacks ??

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Yes, the bonuses stack.

While the +1 bonus form a +1 magic implement is an enhancement bonus, the +1 bonus for the Accurate property of superior implements is untyped, so it can stack with other bonuses.

Superior Implement Training make you competent in only one type of superior implement. An Accurate OrbDDI and a Crystal OrbDDI, for example, are two different types of superior implements and mastering both requires taking the feat twice.

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