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I run a campaign (Pathfinder mostly, with several house rules) in which I had an idea to incorporate a shadow/red dragon hybrid. It goes well with the story and the entire concept of the setting, but I was unable to find any official rules about mixing dragons of different colors and/or types.

So, if no such rules exist, what would be the easiest way of "mixing" these? And in case they do, where do I find them (preferably with an example or two).

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There have been various suggestions for mixing dragons and creating hybrids, from calculating average values for the hybrid (adding up the values of the parents and dividing them by two etc) through applying a colour theory of sorts (a blue and a yellow parent would produce a green offspring) and other solutions to applying unofficial templates (such as I linked here).

I'd suggest checking the links for a more thorough discussion. :)

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Just what I was looking for! I especially like the one from Purple Duck Games - it is simple and includes the traits of both parents. – Seiryuu Apr 16 '12 at 23:39

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