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Now that Undermountain Games has gone out of business, that brings an untimely death to one of the easiest dungeon-making software programs I've ever seen. It's sad to lose such a great program, and considering its potential I was wondering if anyone has heard of maybe some other company picking up DTiles and continuing with it where Undermountain failed.

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No, but I would be happy to help out if the source could be got. – David Allan Finch Apr 20 '12 at 15:09

Its hard to argue "forever" but the company have cut its cord with the printing company that made the tiles for them. They still own the rights, so unless they sell those rights off, we can only hope for someone making a DTiles-like product.

My guess would be to look into some of Paizo publishings latest project. They seem stable in their economy and have several gamemaster-aid products.

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