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I just finished running a campaign using a D&D 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder hybrid (I own the books for 3.0 but prefer 3.5, and started using a lot of monsters from Pathfinder because I prefer their bestiary). My players managed to get up to level 16, and it was a good old time.

Now I am starting to plan a continuation of the story for two of the players, aiming to get into epic levels. However, this is going to be a much more relaxed, messing around campaign.

Basically, the set up is this. The two players are a LN Half-Orc fighter and a CN Half-Dragon Warmage. They are teamed together in a buddy-cop style setting (fighter is the tight-laced, play by the rules cop, mage is the loose-cannon, does his own thing cop). I'm going to be running it as a very fast paced, wild and crazy type game, and was looking for monsters and loot that fit with this idea. Any encounter ideas are most welcome as well.

Here's a few I have already: - busting a weapons dealer who is smuggling in rods of wonder (everyone in fight is armed with said rods) - infiltrating an illegal gambling ring where the criminals are using rouge's dice and decks of many cards - stopping a drug cartel whose product is turning people into zombies (or werewolves, or ooze, or something).

What I'm getting at is this: Does anyone know of any other weapons/monsters/traps/etc that would fit well into this type of campaign? Especially ones whose actions are determined by die roll?

Thanks, Master Waldo

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Ahhh, ok. That makes sense. Thanks. –  MasterWaldo Apr 27 '12 at 2:51
I approve of the buddy-cop D&D setting. Throw in a family of beholders with a domestic abuse issues and unruly ithilids coked out on undergrad brains. Grand Theft Spelljammer. Streaking PETA druids. Corrupt union bosses taking bribes from necromancer businessmen that are inshoring to the post-living. They're being investigated by dopplegangers from Internal Affairs. Warmage's cousins are having a rough patch and need a place to crash, 10-50 sheep a day, and keep trying to hoard the bathroom. Racism in the workplace PSA featuring our favorite half-breeds. –  Philip Apr 27 '12 at 21:39

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