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How big a hole does the Quake spell in 50 Fathoms produce? The description says that those who make their save, cling to the sides and may climb out.

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does the spell give any indication at all of the area it effects? 50 Fathoms is one of the few settings I don't have for SW, otherwise I would check myself :) – Wibbs May 4 '12 at 20:10
The spell has a Large Burst Template area of effect. – altazu May 4 '12 at 20:24
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Savage Worlds uses a small, medium and large burst template. They measure 3, 4, and 5 inches in diameter. Page 62 of the first edition rules states one inch on the battle map is equal to 2 yards. Using that, the Quake spell, which uses the large template, produces a hole about 10 yards in diameter.

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Does that mean the hole is 5 yards deep? – altazu May 5 '12 at 6:36
That's what I would say. If the blast template is a sphere then it makes sense. – MightyRocket May 5 '12 at 12:56

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