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A player in my campaign started as a Cavalier (from Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms) but in his latest gained level, he got a power from the Paladin (from Player's Handbook).

Prerequisite: Only a cavalier can take [the Valiant Cavalier] paragon path.

  • When he hits level 11, will he be able to get the Valiant Cavalier paragon path?
  • What does being a Cavalier mean?
  • Does he need to gain all his powers gained from the cavalier?
  • Does he only need to have started as a cavalier?
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A Cavalier is the Class of the character. There are class-based powers, but it is possible to gain powers that belong to other classes (for example by multiclassing, or using the Half-Elf Dilettante racial trait).

In this case, a lot of the classes from the Heroes of X books are considered subtypes of previous classes. A Cavalier is actually a subtype of Paladin, so they're eligible for any Paladin powers (on the rare levels when they're allowed to pick a power), feats, and paragon paths, as long as they don't require specific Paladin features they don't have.
(This paragraph was taken from Oblivious Sage's comments)

So while your player has a power taken from the Paladin class, he is still a Cavalier and thus allowed to choose the Valiant Cavalier paragon path.

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So it only matters that he chose Cavalier as his starting class, even if he only chose Paladin powers from then on? – Kostas May 20 '12 at 14:50
Well, provided he's only choosing Paladin powers when the Cavalier class rules allow him to (maybe there are some feats he is taking to make this matter more complex?), then his actual class is still Cavalier and therefore he is suitable for Valiant Cavalier. – ioanwigmore May 20 '12 at 15:17
Yes, he chose Cavalier, so he's eligible for anything that requires Cavalier. Because Cavalier is a type of Paladin, he's also eligible for anything with a requirement of Paladin, as long as he meets any other requirements. – Oblivious Sage May 20 '12 at 16:31
@ioanwigmore rather than a "see comments below" it would be better to integrate relevant info into your answer as comments are often pruned for as simple a reason as moderator indigestion. – wax eagle May 21 '12 at 13:08
@waxeagle noted and re-edited, thank you. – ioanwigmore May 21 '12 at 13:29

As ioanwigmore said, if you start as a cavalier you will always be a cavalier with the same character (regardless of multiclasses). Likewise since cavalier is a build or sub-class of Paladin the player has access to paladin powers, feats, and paragon paths as well in addition to those geared specifically to cavaliers.

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