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Can a caster hit themself with a Blast spell? i.e. the usual example is the caster is in square A, casts a Blast 2 spell, so they could hit BCFG, FGJK, EFIJ, etc.

A  B  C  D 

E  F  G  H

I  J  K  L

But what if they were in square F ... could they cast the spell in A and hit FGIJ?

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Only with Arcane Reach

Blasts originate from the caster's square:

A blast fills an area adjacent to you that is a specified number of squares on a side.

Since you are not adjacent to yourself, you cannot target yourself by default.

However, with arcane reach:

Benefit: When using a close arcane attack power, you can choose a square within 2 squares of yours as the origin square. The power still follows the rules for close attacks.

You may absolutely use a square within two squares such that you are caught in the blast. When combined with thunder or psychic resistance, this is a fantastic way to use thunderwave or beguiling strands to rocketjump.

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