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If a character is drunk, what are the penalties associated to it ? I do remember a special prestige class for monks about it, but I don't remember anything specific in the core rulebook.

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I just hand out sickened or fatigued conditions. – Alex Schröder Aug 27 '10 at 17:30

Well, the 3.0e Arms & Equipment Guide has a section on drunkenness rules. For each drink, it's a Fort save with a DC per kind of alcohol (10-15). Multiple drinks an hour get a progressive -1/-2/-4 penalty. Failures take 1d2 temporary DEX and WIS damage. If either go to 0 you're out of the action; if both go to 0 you may have alcohol poisoning and have to make another Fort save or start taking 1 point of temp CON damage per 10 minutes.

Cool. I just ran a scenario (Green Ronin's A Dreadful Dawn) that did close to this, there was a moonshine kind of drink that if you finished it you won a jar of gold coins; each drink was a Fort save with cumulative -2 penalty and you took INT damage instead. Three of my PCs just started guzzling it; two ended up unconscious, naked, in bed together, with various things scrawled on their faces and bodies in charcoal.

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Essentially treat it like a poison. – CatLord Aug 30 '12 at 1:46
Except it's more temporary and comes off more quickly (drunk doesn't last a week...) – mxyzplk Aug 30 '12 at 1:53

For really strong liquor or large amounts, fortitude saves. Miss those, weakened or sickened conditions. I haven't found any tables in my search; if I do, I will update.

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While far from official, this is my take on the problem:

There's a wine called Jhuild, detailed in the Unapprochable East supplement for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This wine is more a poison or a drug than anything else: it gives bonuses to strength and penalties to intelligence and charisma. (It's part of the ubercharger build.) If you fail a save after drinking this wine, you become unconscious. (Now we know what the barbarian drank in the movie The Gamers.) If you pass the save you get -2 to all checks for 12 hours.

I'd rule a common wine is way less powerful than Jhuild. I'd suggest the effect of passing the save with Jhuild could be the effects of failing the save with a regular drink. Unconsciousness could be the result of two failed saves in the same drinking session.

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