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Is there a way to create the "Mehrune's Razor" effect from "The Elder Scrolls" in 4e?

The original effect was something like this: on hit a roll of a natural 20 the target instantly dies, there is no save. Only a natural 20 roll triggers the effect, and no other power or effect increases the chances of an instant kill while using the blade. If a natural 20 is not rolled, the weapon does damage like a weapon of it's type (e.g. dagger, sword, axe, etc)

I would have used the term Vorpal, but 4e now has a completely different effect for the Vorpal concept, which I think nerfs the vorpal blade into near uselessness.

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Someone might also want to answer with the effect this would have on game balance and style ... – C. Ross May 23 '12 at 11:20

You're pretty much limited to house rules and/or custom items for this. There are very, very few auto-kill abilities in 4e (in fact, Orcus' wand might be the only one).

On a side note, Vorpal can be good under the right conditions, such as on a glaive that's been given the brutal property by an artificer.

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I'll check Orcus's wand again, I forgot it had that power. – SteveED May 24 '12 at 2:19

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