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I just finished playing Season 8 of D&D Encounters, Elder Elemental Eye. I really liked the character, so I'd like to take her forward for Living Realms. But, I didn't keep very good notes on gold earned - can somebody please tell me the maximum earnable gold for the adventure?

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Just wrapped playing it 3 weeks ago. If you don't save an NPC early on you can earn around 335-350 max gold per player as far as I can tell.

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And if you do save them its 25 gp less per player – Joshua Aslan Smith Jun 4 '12 at 18:21
Excellent, just what I needed to know. Thanks. – YogoZuno Jun 4 '12 at 23:22

I don't have that specific adventure, but if it follows the Treasure Parcel system (Dungeon Master's Guide, p.126) the party should have been awarded 720g by the end of level 1, 1,040g by the end of level 2, and 1,355g by the end of level 3. Assuming a party of 5 and a complete 1-3 adventure, 623g each. If you don't have specific notes, that value might be your best bet!

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