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Dungeon and Dragon magazines have been around for quite a while, though I can't find an online source to tell when they made the switch to the 3.5 ruleset. Does anyone know?

Issue #364 of Dragon, and #155 of Dungeon were the breakpoints to 4e (when Wizards took over again), but where's the start point for the 3.5e era?

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If you really mean 3.5e and not 3e, Dragon #309 (War, Incursion) from July 2003 was the first D&D 3.5 issue. For Dungeon it was centennial issue #100, starring the dragon Flame and also the Incursion mini-plotline.

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I was going to say 310-312 because I remembered that they were the Update Issues, but I think you're correct, since the character conversion article was in 309. – lorimer Jun 11 '12 at 14:19
That's correct, 310-312 dwelled on the new 3.5e changes but 309 was the actual cutover. (You can see on the cover pic at the link above it calls itself "First issue D&D 3.5".) – mxyzplk Jun 11 '12 at 23:44

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