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On page 101 of Savage Worlds Deluxe is a table for critical hits when dealing with vehicles. However, I can't find what would cause you to roll on this table. How do critical hits on vehicles work?

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Reading Vehicular Attacks, Damage on page 110 of the Explorer Edition or page 100 of the Deluxe Edition, car damage works like this.

If you roll enough damage to "shake" a vehicle, it is not shaken, but instead forces the driver to make a Driving test or roll on the Out-Of-Control table. A raise on the damage test actually wounds the vehicle giving all actions with the vehicle a -1 modifier. Each wound also causes you to roll on the Critical Hits table. The fourth wound wrecks the vehicle.

It can take a lot of damage to wreck a vehicle, but realise that going Out-Of-Control can completely remove a vehicle from play if you roll well on the table. As a GM, I almost lost an aerial drone into the side of a building from an otherwise undamaging shot just last weekend.

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