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In the Expanded Psionic Handbook there's a feat (Psionic Weapon) that allows a character to expend his psionic focus before making an attack so that if he hits there is extra damage. The kind of damage isn't specified so I don't know if it can affect undead, both intelligent and non-intelligent ones. In fact, since undead are invulnerable to mind affecting effects, if the damage would be psychic then perhaps at least the non-intelligent ones wouldn't suffer from the extra damage.

Does someone know from both RAW or RAI if this feat could be useful even against undead?

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If it doesn't specify a damage type and doesn't specify that it's [Mind-Affecting] then it's just normal damage. It'd work against undead, and it'd even work against doors and walls or whatever if you really wanted.

In this case, you're probably psychically altering the density of your weapon at the right moment to add more damage on impact, or using telekinesis to make it swing faster, or using psychometabolism to make yourself momentarily stronger, or any other explanation you care to use based on your primary psionic school (assuming you're a psion at all).

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Ok, that was what I was looking for. The second part wasn't necessary but still the answer is perfect XD. – Vamsi Mizzrym Jul 1 '12 at 16:19

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