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I know you can use the heal skill to Treat Disease to improve the chances of a diseased character to recover, but can you simultaneously give them Long-Term Care at the same time?

This is because some diseases the character will be suffering stat loss and will rapidly snuff it when their stat hits zero. Mitigating this will help the character survive longer and give them a chance to make their save.

I can't immediately see any reason why they couldn't receive both, but then the healer is both caring for the disease and giving them care; is this allowable or does it take two medics?

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Treat disease only takes ten minutes, and long-term care is eight hours of light activity for up to six patients. These seem both logically and mechanically compatible, until there are more than six patients.

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I've always imagined this as "Oh, you've got filth fever? Here, drink this, and hold this compress to your head, I'll check on you in a few minutes." With the 10 minute time being to prep whatever you need to do in order to treat the disease. – Cthos Jul 3 '12 at 22:25

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