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If I use my longsword as implement and have the Weapon Expertise Heavy Blade feat, does the +1 apply to implement attacks as well?

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When you use your weapon as an implement you get the following bonuses:

  • The enhancement bonus from the magical enchantment

  • The benefit of any expertise feat that includes the term "implement"

  • Anything else that applies specifically to "attacks" made through or with that weapon (rogue can use sneak attack with a light blade implement)

You do not get benefits from the following bonuses:

  • The weapon's proficiency bonus (+2/+3)

  • The benefit form a expertise feat that specifies weapon.

  • Any benefits that specifically specify weapon attacks.

If you have a character that plans to use a weapon as both an implement and a weapon it is a good idea to look at the new expertise feats published in Dragon 402 which include limited use expertise feats for both weapon and implement powers (or generic attacks).

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From what I recall, no. Weapon expertise and implement expertise are different. Weapon expertise grants the bonus when you use the weapon to do physical damage with the weapon, such as a melee basic attack. Implement expertise gives you a bonus when you use the weapon as an implement for an attack, such as eldritch blast.

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There are some newer dual expertise feats that give limited expertise in both weapon and implement powers – wax eagle Jul 18 '12 at 17:17

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