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The Command Undead-feat uses one channel and has the same save-DC as the channel. The Improved-Channel-feat increases the DC for the channel. Does this include the DC of the Command Undead?

For reference:

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Yes, it does affect Turn Undead and Command Undead DCs. Though unclear in the RAW, this was clarified by James Jacobs on the Paizo forums.

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Thanks. I think James Jacobs has a bit authority regarding Pathfinder-rules, so I accept your answer instead of starweds. – Mnementh Aug 30 '12 at 0:12

By the RAW, no. This is because the Command Undead feat does not say to use the Channel Energy DC; it just happens to have the same formula. And it consumes a use of your channeling ability, but doesn't itself count as the same ability.

I think it would be a reasonable house rule to have Improved Channel affect related abilities, though.

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