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When a concentration check is made you roll d20 and add your caster level and the ability score modifier used to determine bonus spells of the same type. (quoted)

If I was looking to create a magical item to add a bonus to this, what should be used? This is not a skill check - as there is no skill involved - although to my mind would be the most obvious category for it if such an item could be created.

So is there a way to create a magical item that would give a bonus to this check?

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Yes, and there are several magic items that do. It's probably best to back-figure from those as the default magic item creation rules don't always give good results for unusual items.

Check out (on the better PFSRD):

  • Gloves of Elvenkind - +5 to Spellcraft and Concentration checks while casting defensively, 7500 gp
  • Fortunate Charm - reroll a skill or Concentration check 1/day, 3000 gp

The gloves of elvenkind are the best compare (in fact, you probably should just use them and move along). Cloak/boots are also +5 skill items for 2500.

Now the gloves do Spellcraft and Concentration, so you have to calculate that using the "two effects on one item" cost - like Gloves of Swimming and Climbing are 6250 gp, which is 2500 (Swim) + 2500 (climb) + 1250 (50% of the second power combo cost).

Therefore the 7500 cost of these gloves is 3750 (Concentration) + 2500 (Spellcraft) + 1250 (50% of the second power combo cost). So Concentration bonuses could be said to be 50% more expensive than a skill bonus (bonus squared x 150 gp). Also, that bonus is only for casting defensively - I would assume that caveat would make a flat "bonus to Concentration checks in all circumstances" much more expensive. I have no basis for this than my opinion, but I'd go bonus squared x 500 gp - it's clearly intended to be less than a stat or save bonus, but more than a skill bonus.

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The gloves only give a bonus when you're casting defensively -- they're useless in other circumstances. (Also, off-topic, why are they gloves? That makes little sense...) –  starwed Sep 13 '12 at 19:21
(Gloves are tied to somatic spellcasting because you gesture with your hands while weaving magic.) –  Zachiel Sep 14 '12 at 15:56
I got that, but spellcraft? I guess the gloves could be built in a way that helps you "feel" magical energy. –  starwed Sep 14 '12 at 16:08

I would make it fall under Save bonus (other) and depending on the nature of the item (Sacred symbol, crystal, special wand or something) I would give it either divine, insight or profane bonus.

Because there is no skill involved in Pathfinder for a Concentration check, Competence modifier is not really appropriate. Concentration checks are used as a Save in my opinion since you never use Concentration for offensive purposes. So that's why I would put it under Save bonus (other).

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The most common use for a concentration check is to cast defensively, which is something the caster chooses to do. That makes it a little less reactive than a save, which only comes up when the enemy attacks you in a specific way. –  starwed Sep 13 '12 at 13:33

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