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When does a character start to fall? Can a character use a power or ability mid-air before falling?


An Eladrin Fey Pact Warlock is standing on the edge of a chasm and kills a cursed enemy. Misty Step allows the Warlock to teleport 3 squares, and he does so, directly over the chasm (mid air). The Eladrin then activates Fey Step to teleport the remaining spaces to the other side of the chasm.

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Falls of <100 squares happen immediately. So unless the Warlock has a free action teleport(fey step is a move) he will fall. If the fall is over 500 ft he will get another turn before he falls another 500 ft (unless he stops the fall) and gets his full compliment of actions.

Teleportation that would subject a creature to a fall allows a save which negates the teleport.

In the case you are talking about, the warlock would fall into the chasm.

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