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I'm interested in running a game of Pocket Empires (traveller), but the system is fairly complex, and my players are a bit out of their depth here so I'll be receiving their decisions via e-mail and then update each system (all the empire characteristics). Is there a fairly simple way of running a Pocket Empires this way? Is there out there any kind of software or method to help keep track of all the player's empires (characteristics)?

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There have been a few spreadsheets over the years.

  • [ANY] Sector Generator (zip) - XLS Sector generator using basic generation for CT, MT, TNE, T4, or T20. (MGT has changes in world gen; GT can use the CT method, but doesn't actually include System Gen)

I can't find the T4 PE specific spreadsheets at the moment, but I know 2 or 3 were done in the heyday of T4.

Errata and FAQ

Jo Grant hosts a site that has the FAQ and Errata:

Jo has also revised and updated the PE rules... (same site).

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It's somewhat elementary, but I have an old Pocket Empires worksheet here:

It does the math for you, for one particular empire. So you'd have to have one of these up for each player. And there's no way to persist the data. I should've put it in a spreadsheet!

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