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Im planning on building a wizard/Warmage/Ultimate Magus. By level 15 I will have caster level 11 in both classes, this leaves me with 5 levels left. I was planning on taking Dragon Disciple to increase my spell slots without having to take the Extra Slot feat, I want to save my feats for metamagics.

My problem with this is that Dragon Disciple focuses mainly on physical enhancements, and does not advance casting. The natural armor is nice and the +2 int/cha is also nice, but I wont get that +2 cha until level 10 of the class which would throw me into epic levels.

There has to be some way besiedes Dragon Disciple or the extra slot feat to accomplish this.

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With an Ultimate Magus, it’s more important to keep yourself as close as possible to a single-classed spellcaster on one side than it is to keep the two even.

Thus, you want to get all 10 levels progressing your higher-level class. That is, if you enter as a Wizard 3/Sorcerer 1, you want to exit with 13th-level Wizard spellcasting, and 8th-level Sorcerer spellcasting. You do this with Practiced Spellcaster (Complete Arcane).

This gives you more of your highest-level spell slots, which are also higher level than they would be. Plus Practiced Spellcaster is a good feat anyway.

Ultimate Magus advances only one of your classes at 1st, 4th, and 7th, specifically the one with the lower Caster Level. If a Wizard 3/Sorcerer 1 takes Practiced Spellcaster for Sorcerer, his Sorcerer Caster Level is 4, which is greater than the Wizard’s 3. Therefore, Ultimate Magus 1 advances Wizard, so that the Ultimate Magus casts as a Wizard 4, and as a Sorcerer 1 with Caster Level 5 (since he has another HD, the cap on Practiced Spellcaster is lifted).

Then at 4th, his Wizard Caster Level is 6, while his Sorcerer Caster Level is 7, so again Wizard is advanced. Practiced Spellcaster has already capped out, so the Sorcerer Caster Level remains at 7; the two classes are now even.

Finally, at 7th, both classes have Caster Level 10. Since they’re equal, you may choose – choose Wizard.

By 10th level, you cast as a 13th-level Wizard, and as a 8th-level Sorcerer (with Caster Level 12).

Otherwise, you need to improve the abilities that grant you bonus spells. Consider the Beguiler (Player's Handbook II) instead of Sorcerer: you'll use Intelligence for both classes.

Versatile Spellcaster is another feat that will make your slots more flexible.

And Pearls of Power and Rings of Wizardry can help by letting you reuse slots. Memento Magicka are like Pearls of Power for spontaneous spellcasters but they are 50% more expensive, which is overpriced.

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Practiced Spellcaster does not affect spells known or spell slots.… – LitheOhm Oct 22 '12 at 23:10
@LitheOhm: No, no it does not. What it does affect is which of your two classes Ultimate Magus advances, and Ultimate Magus advancement does improve spells known and spell slots. Basically, Ultimate Magus advances the class with the lower Caster Level. If you take Practiced Spellcaster in Sorcerer, it has a higher Caster Level than Wizard, even though your Wizard spellcasting is otherwise more advanced. – KRyan Oct 23 '12 at 0:47
Ah, right. My bad :) haven't seen that class in a while. – LitheOhm Oct 23 '12 at 3:38
If my understanding of Ultimate Magus is correct, on the levels where you can only advance one of your two spellcaster levels, you have to put them into the class with the fewest levels. – Cobalt Feb 14 '14 at 20:25
@Cobalt Yes, specifically and explicitly the one with the lowest Caster Level. But Practiced Spellcaster (sorcerer) gives you a bonus to your sorcerer Caster Level, pushing it above your wizard Caster Level even though your wizard spellcasting is otherwised more advanced than your sorcerer spellcasting. I'd call it cheesy if I wasn't busy calling the default stupid. – KRyan Feb 14 '14 at 21:57

Having a few Pearl of Power would enable you to cast more spells per day, and drastically increases your staying power for not a lot of cash. Wands are also a good cost effective way to increase your spell-casters' spells-per-day/encounter output.

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A Ring of Wizardry (DMG p233) will double the wearers arcane spells per day for one specific spell level (doesn't double bonus spells due to high ability scores or school specializations).

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