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Are there any online sites in which you can look for people that are looking to play in an online play-by-chat RPG Campaign?

I'm thinking of running a Pathfinder campaign for Skype (text only) and I don't have a group of players.

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A lot of RPG forums have sections for this, maybe you should check them out? –  Dakeyras Nov 11 '12 at 12:07
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I would suggest you try roll20.net you do a play by play setting, or you can upgrade, as you can add on screen maps, voice, and even video chat.

This also has regular chat, and other functions in this chat that make gameplay go much more smoothly.

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In my experience, the best place to find an online group is reddit. They even have a handy filter at the top for finding only online games. Pathfinder and D&D 3+ are very popular there, and other games pop up less frequently (I found an amazing Changeling game via reddit, for example.)

As others have mentioned, forums are a good second option:

Post a message in all three places. If you actually want to run a game, I reckon you'll have no trouble at all finding players - willing GMs are a hot commodity!

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Most RPG Forums have sections for finding people for play-by-post, skype or in person games. Some links that may help (these are sites I have used before, although not for online games):

Giant in the Playground
Knights 'n' Knaves

However, I would suggest looking for Pathfinder-specific forums or sites if you can (I can't personally recommend any). A little google-fu can go a long way.

Alternatively, there are mailing lists out there for people like you. Again, I've never used any personally, but they are a good way to reach a lot of people with similar interests/intentions.

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Forums tend to favor play-by-post games on that forum; you may have better luck with IRC channels. There are many out there, but the only one I'm personally familiar with is #giantitp. They're not very big on Pathfinder, though, they prefer 3.5 standard.

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@Nocte: Not sure if you're talking about the forum or the unofficial IRC channel. The latter's only loosely related to the former. The forum tends to prefer play-by-post on the forum; the chat tends to prefer live games via MapTool, Roll20, IRC, or Skype. Like I said, though, they don't care much for Pathfinder; I was mostly suggesting that there are almost certain IRC channels that do. I just don't know them. –  KRyan Nov 12 '12 at 13:35
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