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I read in an answer to Druid (Sentinel) Animal Companion Armor that there was at least one item (Companion's Defender) which could be given to a Sentinel Druids Animal Companion, but as I am not a DDI subscriber, I couldn't follow the link for the list of other items.

I did find another item listed in Bunko's Bargain Basement 4E:


Companion's Defender: A solid scaling boost your your companion's defenses.

Guardian's Collar: Give your buddy a nice bonus to perception checks,and double the chance to not be surprised.

Alas, to cut down on clutter, Bunko's only lists items of at least a Black rating.

So, are there any other items available to for an Animal Companions item slot?

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searching the compendium is free. You can get the list with sources. – wax eagle Nov 19 '12 at 15:43
@waxeagle - Thanks, sadly the Compendium search page doesn't appear to list either Companion's Defender or Guardian's Collar when you do a search for animal companion, just Watchful Spirit Totem, which is an implement! – Mark Booth Nov 19 '12 at 15:50
ah, filter by items, and then filter by item slot. text search is meh if you don't know the exact title of something, the filters are pretty good though. – wax eagle Nov 19 '12 at 15:50

As suggested by wax eagle, using the Compendium search page selecting "items" in the Search: list box and "companion" in the Category: list box, then Apply, I get the following list:

Name                    Category    Level     Cost     Rarity    Source
Friend's Gift           Companion   4+        840+ gp  Common    Adventurer's Vault
Companion's Defender    Companion   5+      1,000+ gp  Uncommon  Adventurer's Vault
Sigil of Companionship  Companion   6+      1,800+ gp  Uncommon  Adventurer's Vault
Recalling Harness       Companion   8+      3,400+ gp  Uncommon  Adventurer's Vault
Guardian's Collar       Companion   10      5,000 gp   Common    Adventurer's Vault
Transposition Harness   Companion   12+    13,000+ gp  Uncommon  Adventurer's Vault

So until more books are released, it looks like Adventurer's Vault is the only source for items for Companion slot.

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