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Last session in a Dark Ages game I wanted to scare a hunter with my dread gaze (Presence level 2). But the Storyteller told me that I wasn't close enough. We were in a quite big room, but he told me that I needed to scare the hunter at roughly melee distance. He stated it based on many vampire movies and fictions.

I have read the power description in various books, but not a word has said about the range. I was in the opinion that the power must have a longer range, but I wouldn't say that eyesight distance is enough (I wouldn't allow it to work at 20 metres, for instance).

So, is there any official (or even unofficial FAQ) where this is explained? If not, which range do you think the power would have?

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The description of the power states that it magnifies the natural intimidation tactics of a vampire — "baring claws and fangs, glaring with malevolence, hissing loudly with malice" — to a supernatural degree. I'd set the range at conversational distance: if the hunter could understand you at that distance (even if, say, you had to shout to do it), then he's close enough to be affected by the Discipline. It's a two-dot power, and (under the Dark Ages rules set) pretty hard to resist, so limiting its range is reasonable.

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