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I noticed that as a Technomancer I end up with a hoard of credits and I'am having trouble figuring out how to spend it. I have High Lifestyle, A fair safehouse with luxury level security, Some doberman, and some Flying Eye (Micro) flying drones (Which any time I try to use I get randomly "disconnected" from which makes no sense to me considering they are about an inch big. But that's not the point here.)


I am asking for ideas of what it would be good to use my credits on.

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Find a bunch of wannabe runners you like the look of, supply them with cyberware, and guns, and fetishes, support, and pay for their rent and security and safehouses - and never let them forget that they owe you... – GMJoe Dec 6 '12 at 3:39
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I had the same problem as a Technomancer: you are basically a Hacker who doesn't have to buy a good commlink or great programs (and as an Alias follower, I couldn't even spend on a Lifestyle). You have two options there:

If you don't want to do drones:

Buy huge guns. Buy a huge war, and don't worry about encumbrance. You can even consider "burning" one point of Resonance to buy some bioware/cyberware (especially if your drain is based on Logic..)

If you want to do drones:

Well... Drones. Lots of them. Have drones everywhere. An invisible flying drone 1km over the city, with a mounted sniper. A monster inconspicuous car in the street, with a boosted commlink and System and a mortar. A dozen Arachne drones with mounted Uzis in your backpack. An armored Horseman that you rig from the inside.

If you REALLY have a lot of money.

Buy a cyborg. Add mods. Give it big guns. Rig it from home.

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I really like the idea of "An invisible flying drone 1km over the city, with a mounted sniper." how ever there is currently a gentlemen's agreement in place about sniper rifles. "Sniper cold war" We don't use them and the DM will not use them. (on us) – Eforen Dec 5 '12 at 17:55
are Arachne drones small? and how much does it cost to add invisible to a flying drone? and do you need command flying thing to be able to jump a drone? – Eforen Dec 5 '12 at 17:57
One of my favorite characters was a rigger who controlled a cybernetic twin for kung fu action. – CatLord Dec 5 '12 at 18:58

Remember that there is nothing wrong with buying gifts for your friends that will make them more effective.

Also, I believe it is only a house rule, but I have known GMs to let you buy karma (in story justification was that it was buying effective training.)

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very interesting on the buying karma thing! – Eforen Dec 5 '12 at 18:03

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