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I have a player who is playing a member of the Lost generation and since we're just starting is required to be in a Futura morph. Part of the backstory I've laid out for the game is that the characters have previously gatecrashed together so they've worked together. My player wants his history as a member of the Lost to be secret but I'm unsure how well he could do that while in a Futura morph.

So my question(s) are this: what is the likelihood that the average person would know a Futura morph on sight? Would their muses be able to identify them? The generation is fairly notorious. In addition what skills would matter in identifying a Futura morph/Lost generation ego?

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+1, we need more Eclipse Phase questions here. – Sardathrion Dec 10 '12 at 7:53
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Is it possible?

Yes. Jack Graham answered this very question on the Eclipse Phase forum.


Perception check, interest (the lost), or academics (biology/morphs) seems to be the most straight forward way of handling it.

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