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Before Dnd 4th ed came out, a lot of articles were printed saying that Star Wars: Saga Edition was like a "preview" of Dnd 4th ed. Now I find myself going the opposite direction: taking a group familiar with 4th ed through a brief tour of Saga. I'm not very familiar with Saga, however; how similar did they turn out to be mechanically?

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From OpaCitiZen's answer to "What are the differences between Star Wars Revised Edition and Star Wars Saga Edition mechanically?", this review of Saga Edition devotes a lot of text to comparisons with D&D 4e. (Someone more familiar than I with SW:SE and D&D 4e want to use that link as part of their answer?) – SevenSidedDie Dec 13 '12 at 17:52
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I've only played a session or two of each, but I'd say that no, SW Saga Edition does not particularly resemble D&D 4th Edition. It's a streamlined version of 3rd, with standard/move/swift actions, easy multi-classing, and 3rd-ed style saving throws. There are no powers (not like D&D 4 anyway), no healing surges, and no defined class roles.

It's quite a good system for the freewheeling cinematic style of Star Wars, IMHO. I especially like the Reflex Defense mechanic, which unifies saving throws with AC.

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