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Is there a spell in the Pathfinder world that grants a power to melee or ranged weapons similar to the Smite Evil / Smite Good ability to overcome all forms of Damage Reduction?

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To clarify, here is the Smite Evil ability of the Paladin.

Regardless of the target, smite good attacks automatically bypass any DR the creature might possess

It sounds like you want a spell that effectively mimics this part of the ability.

If you look at the section on Damage Reduction, you will see there is a segment on "Overcoming DR". This states:

Weapons with an enhancement bonus of +3 or greater can ignore some types of damage reduction, regardless of their actual material or alignment.

Any weapon with an Enhancement bonus of +5 ignores all Damage Reduction except for DR/(-/Slashing/Piercing/Bludgeoning). Note that this only seems to work if the weapon is permanently enchanted, a weapon temporarily enchanted with the Magic Weapon spell can only bypass DR/magic.

Aside: there are two spells to help you bypass specific forms of resistance. But neither of these bypass DR/-

But none of these beat DR/-. Yep, as far as I can tell, only that Smite ability is capable of completely ignoring DR all together. Worth knowing next time you face the Tarrasque :)

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Extrapolation question: if you wanted to make a weapon with a feature to bypass any form of DR, even if limited in use, could a character with the Smite ability make such a weapon? Even though there is not a spell that emulates that ability? – Mike Dec 23 '12 at 23:16
That would obviously be a GM call. Frankly, I would rather create a spell that has that ability and then use it appropriately. Both Align Weapon and Versatile Weapon are are 2nd level spells. Not sure how I would price "bypass all DR" though. It's likely at least a 4th level spell. But it seems like it could well be on the same level as like an anti-magic field.… – Gates VP Jan 1 '13 at 4:40

There is the Align Weapon spell, which will overcome alignment-based DR. There is also Versatile Weapon which, among other things, will actually allow the use of a Mace of Sharpness ;)

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I thought about both of those spells. They may justify a weapon with "strike anything" feature. I am imagining a +1 Strike Anything (weapon) that allows you to bypass all forms of DR against a single foe once per day. What would the weapon maker need to manufacture such a weapon? – Mike Dec 23 '12 at 23:22

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