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As part of a playtest, Magician and I rolled up "typical" (for us) characters in the latest (December 17) playtest of D&D Next (commentary here).

I went with a trickster cleric with spy background. This caused an overlap of stealth and disguise. (Further compounded by me wanting to take hide in shadow ... which again granted me stealth.)

As far as I can tell, this edition of the playtest has absolutely no rules on what happens when you are granted a skill from multiple sources. Have I missed something? Is there a commonly agreed upon fix?

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I'm not entirely sure I can legally say this in public forum, but as a participant in the playtest, the rules state you just simply take the skill of your choice in place of the duplicate. Especially with the most recent set of changes.

Edit 1: I can't find it in the latest release, but it's on page one of the 10/29 Backgrounds & Skills with the "Training" subsection.

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