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The Cleric level 3 Encounter Power Hammer of the GodsDDI (Divine Power) states:

Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier radiant damage. When any ally hits the target before the start of your next turn, the target takes 1d6 extra radiant damage.

Usually these powers are a bit more specific, like "the first time an ally hits the target..." or "each time an ally hits the target..." but this just provides a rather vague "when any ally hits the target..."

How many times does this power deal an extra 1d6 radiant damage?

If a ranger used Twin Strike and hit twice, would Hammer of the Gods trigger twice and provide 2d6 radiant damage?

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Hammer of the Gods can trigger any number of times

As you note, unlike many powers Hammer of the Gods does not limit its self to only the first hit.

So, yes, this synergies nicely with a power like Twin Strike

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