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In Diaspora the two handed stunt for melee says "Weapon is designed for two-handed use and is awkward in the hands of those not sufficiently strong. The wielder may amplify his Skill check with his Stamina. 1bp." What do they mean by amplify? One of the more experienced players said that I only add one point to my roll, but I don't understand why if that is the case it doesn't just say "add one to your skill check" instead .

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A higher skill may augment another one in Diaspora by +1 when they work together. In other words, you get the +1 only if your Stamina is or higher than your Weapons skill.

Diaspora p. 10

skill a is amplified by skill b

This indicates that Skill A is used for the check. If Skill B exceeds Skill A, then an additional +1 is granted. For example, a Brawling check amplified by Strength (as might happen if a character tries to throw a large table during a fight) with Brawling 2 and Strength 5 would be checked at 3 (Brawling rank +1) + 4dF.

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