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When a monster wields multiple weapons, and can attack multiple times with each, how do I alter (or should I leave) the given attack bonuses on each type of attack on the enemy's stat block?

Take, for example, monster Asura, Upasunda:

Melee: Mwk Longsword +20/+15/+10 (1d8+6/19-20), Mwk Spear +19 (1d8+6/x3), Mwk Kukri +19 (1d4+6/18-20) OR 6 slams +18 (1d4+6)

I'm pretty sure the OR means on a full round action I can choose the slams or all the others, but say I choose the weapon attacks to make a full round attack, after the first 3 attacks with +20/+15/+10 does the spear then get the +19 and ignore the usual attack bonus negative progression because its a different hand/weapon? Or what happens?

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Mixing weapon and natural attacks is a mess. Fortunately, it is not what happens in this example.

Here you see 2 full attack options: one for 4-hand multiweapon fighting (iterative attacks from main hand, single attacks at highest BAB from off hands, no penalty for multiweapon fighting due to racial ability) and one for all-natural full attack (several natural attacks at highest bonus each). And it looks like this creature has 6 hands, but only wields weapons in 4 of them.

Yes, the spear ignores negative progression because it is used in different hand.

Ever-helpful Pathfinder SRD link, just in case.

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