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Okay, I need some clarification. The Pathfinder Core Rules state this about natural attacks:

You do not receive additional natural attacks for a high base attack bonus. Instead, you receive additional attack rolls for multiple limb and body parts capable of making the attack (as noted by the race or ability that grants the attacks).

Let's say that I can shape into an Oliphant. My BAB is +8/+3 and STR 5. An Oliphant has two natural attacks: Gore and Stomp (x2).

Reading the rules, it seems that I can't do two Gore attacks,

  1st attack, AB +13. DAM 2d8 + 5
  2nd attack, AB +8. DAM 2d8 + 5

because I don't get additional attacks for a high BAB. Does that mean I need to combine attacks instead? Example:

  (GORE) 1st attack, AB +13. DAM 2d8 + 5
  (2 STOMPS) 2nd attack, AB +6*. DAM 2d6 + 5
           *With the Multiattack feat, reduces secondary weapon penalty to -2.

Also - does the damage from the two stomps equal 2d6 + 5, or should I roll damage for each stomp? (1st foot = 2d6 + 5, 2nd foot = 2d6 + 5).

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Natural Attacks are weird. The pathfinder rules break down what happens.

Instead of using the iterative attacks from your base attack bonus, you get a full attack made up of all the natural attacks. The particular bonus depends on whether those attacks are considered primary or secondary (see the table at the link above).

In the Oliphaunt's case when you make a full attack, you get one Gore at your normal attack bonus and two Stomps at your normal attack bonus - 5.

Things get weirder when you mix natural and weapon attacks (a Marilith for instance). When you full attack, you use all of your iterative attacks, then the natural attacks from limbs that are not holding any weapons. Those natural attacks are made as secondary attacks, no matter what they are normally.

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In general, natural attacks do not get iteratives with BAB, you get to use each once, but can combo them up with no penalty.

The Oliphant entry reads:

Melee gore +13 (2d8+13), 2 stamps +13 (2d6+9)

Which means it treats the "stamps" as primary attacks (though perhaps erroneously, as the gore is listed as STR*1.5 damage, which it should only get if it's the creature's only attack), so they'd all be at the full attack bonus. I suspect the right stat block would be

Melee gore +13 (2d8+9), 2 stamps +8 (2d6+9)

Assuming you like the published stat block then assuming your native PC's strength is 5 and when you say "shape" you mean that you are an 8+th level druid wild shaping or otherwise Beast Shape III+'ing into a Huge oliphant, you get a +6 size bonus to your STR so it becomes an 11 (+0).

So your stat block would be

Melee gore +6 (2d8), 2 stamps +6 (2d6).

If you consider the stat block in error and the stamps secondary, then it's

Melee gore +6 (2d8), 2 stamps +1 (2d6).

And yes, you roll to hit and damage for each stamp (and all attacks) separately.

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